gaurishankar rudraksh kantha

gaurishankar rudraksh kantha


Gauri Shankar Kantha – Nepal – 33(32+1) Beads Dimension : 28 Mm – 29 Mm (Approx)..perfect for jaap puja,fashion,healing,

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Gaurishankar kantha with 33 beads nepal dimensions 28-29mm app. This very powerful Kantha is made up highest grade Nepal Gauri Shankar beads. Gauri Shankar rudraksha is the Unified form of Shiva & Shakti represented by two naturally joined rudraksha. It opens up the Hrit Padma chakra and attracts peace, harmony and abundance in the wearer’s life. Hrit Padma chakra is the spiritual heart which is the abode of Goddess Mahalaxmi. It is variously described as a lotus with 8, 16, or 1000 petals, being golden, red, or white of colour; inside of the lotus there are circular regions of sun, moon, and fire and in the centre of the Chakra, there are a whishing-tree (kalpavriksha), a throne consisting of Matrika letters (symbolizing the spiritual heart of the aspirant) on which he/she should place his or her Ishtadevata in meditation, and an altar. Represents: Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati Ruling Planet: All planet Recommended for: Peace and comfort in the family.

Introduction – In Indian mythology and Hinduism, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are considered to be very important god and goddess. They signify the central point of male and female energies. The Gauri Shankar rudraksh symbolizes the union of both these gods, and hence it has immense power and energy. These two forms of energy signify the creation and destruction of the universe; hence one who worships them will have immense power and will be able to overcome major hurdles in life. This rudraksh is very rare and it is suppose to provide its wearer the unique gift of awakening their inner consciousness, spiritual evolution and oneness with all the other existing living and non-living organisms. One who wears or worships this rudraksh will get immense benefits. They will always be surrounded by peace and harmony and their family will always remain safe and happy. It is also very good for daily medication and for attainment of spiritual peace. It helps to improve the knowledge and intelligence of the wearer and makes them aware of the universe around them. There will be a marked improvement in every sphere of the wearer’s life, be it professional or personal. Life will move towards a positive direction when one wears it and all areas of life like family, children, marriage, sports, business etc will see a remarkable imporvement. It is a very important and potent symbol of healing and also helps to form a strong connection between the internal and the external universe. It is the unified and identified form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma and has a great influence. It causes the development and expansion and universe.

Significance – This is a very important and rare rudraksh which helps to bring major positive chances in the life of the people who wears or worships it. It is considered to be the best thing that brings peace and comfort in the family. The one who worships Gauri Shankar will eliminate all kinds of pain and sufferings from their life and will destroy all forms of earthy obstacles. This helps to improve peace and prosperity and makes life very pleasant. This bead is considered to be the best for family life as it unifies the husband and wife and removes any kind of misunderstanding between them. This bead is represented by two naturally joined rudraksh and it opens up the Hrit Padma Chakra and illuminates the consciousness of the wearer. This rudraksh is the unison of the Male (yang) Shiva and the female (ying) Shakti for spiritual wholeness. Philosophy has that the entire universe is nothing but a manifestation of pure consciousness which is polarized into two aspects. One cannot exist without the other. One aspect represents the static quality identifying itself with the masculine and is associated with Shiva and the other aspects represent the dynamic, creative, energetic and feminine aspect called Shakti, who is the great mother of the universe and everything that is there is born out of her. When these two energies unite with each other, the cosmic consciousness awakens and brings immense benefit to us.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksh in the Puranas and scriptures – Ancient texts and scriptures have spoken plenty about the significance of this rudraksh and is considered to be the favorite of all the rishis and yogis since time immemorial. In the puranas it is also written that that this rudraksh is a very important mode of worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This rudraksh is so highly revered in the puranas and the scriptures that it is believed that one who wears a garland or kantha of 32 beads of Gauri Shankar Mukhi Rudraksh will become the incarnation of Lord Shiva himself.

Benefits – There are numerous benefits of this rare and unique rudraksh. It helps to promote family peace and happiness. It is a medium to connect with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and thus have access to unlimited energy and positivity that they can bring. It is also highly beneficial for daily medication and for attainment of spiritual peace. It helps to improve relationships with friend, spouse, family and relatives. It makes the relationship between a husband and a wife stronger and meaningful. They will be insulated from all sorts of marital problems and will be able to overcome all kinds of hurdles and problems of married life. It brings spouses close to each other and helps them understand each other better, which automatically improves their relationship. This rudraksh is also recommended for sexual disorders and detachment and behavioral problems. People have also experienced several other benefits and positive experiences while using this rudraksh, like for example keeping it under the pillow while sleeping will reduce the chances of getting nightmares and will also induce good sleep which will automatically improve their health and life. It is beneficial for everyone, especially those who wants happy and settled married life or is facing marital problems in life. It also helps to find the right match in life or the dream spouse, which will make life beautiful.

Astrological views – This Rudraksh does not have any specific planet to rule it and has the general influence of all the planets and its ruling god is Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri or Parvati and all this has a significant impact on its characteristics. As an impact of all this it has numerous positive effects on its wearer, which can bring both therapeutic and medical benefits, and solves a lot of their life problems.

Mantras – The most important mantra for this rudraksh is ‘OM GAURISHANKARAYA NAMAH’ and ‘OM NAMAH SHIVAYA’ and should be chanted minimum nine times every day during the process of wearing it. One needs to wear it in the morning after taking bath and should remove it while going to bed at night. Some of the important mantras you can chant while wearing this bead are ‘Om Hreen Hoom Namah” (Shiva Puran), ‘Om Hroom Namah’ (Mantra Maharanava), ‘Om Hreem Namah’ (Skanda Puran), ‘Mahamrityunjai Mantra’ (Brahajjalopanishad), ‘OM Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushit Vardhanam Urbarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Majmritat’, ‘Om Namah Shivaya’.




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