navratan 9 gemstones mala

navratan 9 gemstones mala


Navratan mala made of real semi-precious stones. It is composed of real naturally colored quartz, clear quartz, sweet-water pearls, adventurine and powdered coral. The guru bead is made of rudra .

  • Navratna is the exclusive arrangement of gems. Combination of Ruby (Sun), Pearl (Moon), Coral (Mars), Emerald (Mercury), Golden Topaz (Jupiter), Sphatik (Venus), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Gomed/Hessonite (Rahu), & Cat’s Eye (Ketu).One can even wear navratna without showing one”s horoscope to an astrologer It can be worn by anybody and any age group. It is found to be equally suitable for all. Whether its business person, executive, working ladies, housewives, school going children, retired person
  • Product Name: Navratna mala. Description: Made from natural colour beads. Navratna especially is a collection of a combination of nine gemstones. I
  • Why Wear A Navratna Mala The Navratna mala has multiple benefits and it is a great way to be aligned with all the planets and keep all the chakras balanced. The mala is enriched with healing properties and protects the wearer from unexpected physical harms and diseases. The mala carries the benefits of all the nine planets and is considered the foundation of Pranic healing. Wearing it, a person gets the benefits pertaining to specific problems he has relating to any particular
  • planet that is malefic to him. The Right Way To Wear The Mala A Navratna mala in gold or silver is the best way to get the full effect from the nine gemstones. This necklace can be made with a combination of semi-precious and precious gemstones. You can also consult a gemmologist before getting a Navratna Mala made for yourself or your loved ones. The necklace should be worn after you cleanse it of impurities and charge it with Navagraha mantras..
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Benefits of wearing a navratna mala– the benefits you reap with the positive vibes which come out of the gemstones are multifold. Apart from the trendy design which goes with almost all outfits, the stunning navratna mala provides a plethora of benefits to the individual embracing it. The protective shield offered by the jewel keeps you away from theevil eye and negative karma. Read on to get a closer insight into the advantages of wearing a spectacular navratna. – It protects you from diseases. – It keeps you away from danger and treacherous situations. – It removes unexpected obstacles and negative karma from your life. – It gives you peace-of-mind and keeps you away from ill-fortune. – It helps you feel positive and emotionally balanced. – It keeps you and your family safe from bad eye. – It helps you focus . A great and powerful mala of navratna that is nine gems.When only one astrological gemstone is worn, it tends to focus only on a particular planet or a specific problem. However when navaratnas are worn, it carries the benefits of all nine planetary gemstones simultaneously This is also a safeguard against misfortune, help ward off danger, and remove obstacles in life. The word “nava” means nine and “ratna” means gem in the Sanskrit language. Navaratnas are considered auspicious and believed to bring good health to whoever wears it. It symbolizes health, prosperity, happiness and peace of mind. Also, it wards off negative energies and effects from planets, while strengthens the positive influences of the gems. The colourful beads of Navratna always attracted people and Royality.This mala consists of Ninestones which are substitute of 9 gems stones..


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