rudraksh with rose quartz

rudraksh with rose quartz


Eight 8 Mukhi Rudraksha Indonesia and the Puranas This Rudraksha is the reflection of the Lord Ganesh, who is worshipped in the beginning of almost all the auspicious occurrence. Eight linings present on it make it a powerful and effective Rudraksha. Its wearer remains untouched by the physical, spiritual and mental problems of daily life. It reduces the impact of the sin caused by telling a lie and makes the life of the wearer happy.
According to the Puranas, it gives the wearer all kinds of materialistic and spiritual gains – Riddhies and Siddhies and books his place in the Shivloka. This Rudraksha makes the opponent of the wearer weak and removes any evil intentions from the enemy’s brains
54+1 origin-indonesian face
8 mukhi with silver cap.

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Benefits It removes the stress, anxiety and depression of a person. Wearer is connected to Lord Ganesha and blesses him with high intellect and knowledge. It is beneficial to household / businessman and servicemen. It makes a person to practice truth in his/her life. It strengthens musculoskeletal system. It helps to remove negative effect and sins of life. It saves wearer from accidents and enemies. It enhances Muladhara Chakra (Root psychic center) and awakens it. It brings success in all undertakings.Power of Eight/8 Mukhi Rudraksha This is the supreme Rudraksha that denotes Lord Ganesha. It represents Ketu. Ketu is the planet of spiritual attainment in life. A person who wears this bead is blessed with obstacle free life, and growth of spiritual knowledge. It removes fear and miseries of life. It gives a person an elegant personality. It helps to attain wealthy and prosperous life. This rudraksha bead also removes effect of any evil eye. Astrological View Ruling Lord- Ganesha Ruling Planet-Ketu Mantra “Om Hoom Namah” “Om Ganeshaya Namah” (It should be enchanted 9 times)

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